Bike to Work?

posted Jun 26, 2015, 4:01 PM by Frances Tourtelot   [ updated Jun 26, 2015, 4:23 PM ]
While working together in 2009, we dusted off our mountain bike and vintage cruiser and asked ourselves, "Why not?" We quickly learned that biking to our office in the Denver Tech Center is mostly uphill (who knew?) but loved the view from our saddles and the sense of accomplishment when we reached the top.

Fast forward and riding our bikes is now core to our daily work lives. We strive to ride an absolute minimum of 1 day a week and have done much more recently to celebrate June's Bike to Work Month. We recently had the pleasure of biking along the Platte River to a meeting in Littleton. Great ride to meet great partners.

Riding our bikes has taught us a lot about our strengths on the bike and in the business:
-  Hills are just a natural part of an awesome ride! And if there is an uphill, there is always a downhill eventually, so just keep riding.

-  A bug is going to fly into your mouth at some point. Once you get over the shock, you realize it's just a little extra protein in your day. You swallow it and move on.

-  Clothing, sweating, and weather are the biggest logistial considerations when biking to meetings. Don't be surprised if you see us changing shoes in public or walking through the halls in our bike helmets! As for the weather...some days you just get wet. Very wet. Laugh with it. 

A few of our best ideas and conversations are formed while biking. We promise you, we smile 10x more on our bikes than we do when we are stuck in our cars in traffic. We had no idea what that first "Why not?" in 2009 would lead to and we recall it often to inspire our next "Why not?"

So what's your "Why not?" Your answer could be the start of a great ride!