Bravo to the Colorado Ballet

posted Apr 2, 2015, 7:26 AM by Allison Hastey   [ updated Apr 2, 2015, 1:23 PM ]
We have been incredibly fortunate to meet many amazing people since launching our business six months ago. I was introduced to a Colorado Ballet board member at a recent event and if you know me then you know the words "ballet" instantly brighten my eyes. Performing dance, watching dance and supporting dance has long been a passion of mine. After discussing our mutual interests and east coast roots, she offered to take Merritt+Grace on a tour of the Ballet's new space.

Both Frances and I were like kids in a candy shop.

First off, the new space is wonderfully impressive. It is open, bright, modern and versatile. The space encourages performers, students and families to feel creative and welcome. 

The space is available for rentals which is a great alternative to Denver's more typical venues. Think small black box performances, VIP/corporate parties, conferences, weddings, etc. Event guests can even explore the beautiful rows of costumes.

We were also thrilled to learn more about the community outreach efforts underway at the Ballet. Did you know they have a program called 'Be Beautiful Be Yourself' which provides dance classes to ten 5-9 year-old-children with Down syndrome? So awesome!

Colorado is home to a rainbow of art forms and we love opportunities to introduce community members, especially children, to performance art. Consider taking your family to a performance, donating to the Ballet and/or attending their upcoming Gala to show your support. 

Bravo Liz, Mark and the entire cast on and off the stage!
- A