Happy Holidays

posted Dec 22, 2015, 11:48 AM by Frances Tourtelot   [ updated Dec 22, 2015, 11:49 AM ]
Does anyone else feel like they blinked and all of a sudden Christmas is here?! We're not sure if we've had too much fun, too much work (which is kinda the same as fun in our book!), too many errands or MAYBE too many breakfast burritos but seemingly without warning, snow shoveling and shopping have hit maximum highs.

Between wrapping up projects with virtual bows and wrapping up presents with actual bows, it is GAME ON. We are grateful for year-end meetings, last-minute projects, spending time with loved ones, and of course, holiday cheer. Honestly, we had to add holiday cheer to-dos to our lists for fear of missing out. It's been a great reminder to prioritize what's important - we talk it through, look at our schedule, write it down, and make the time. With 2016 right around the corner (don't blink! ;) ), we'll be expanding our prioritizing process to focus on the new year's goals. We can't wait!

We hope you all enjoy the holiday season, even when spiced with a little frenzied scheduling, to return to the peace, love, and gratitude of the season. We wish you and yours all the best.